Painting & Water Jetting your Home

Our local climate is extremely harsh resulting in peeling and cracking paint.

It is the first sign that a home needs to be power washed and repainted quickly. Peeling and cracking paint can allow moisture, salt and grime to penetrate the timber and masonry work of your home. It is wise to check your home for these signs.

The type of paint is very important and a top quality waterproofing and/or breathable coating needs to be considered.

Cement Based Roof Tile Painting

We do not recommend painting of cement-based roof tiles unless they are previously painted. Such tiles can be high pressure water-jetted to return them to their pristine condition.

At A2Z Maintenance we offer Painting and water jetting as one of our many services.

If you are considering painting  or water jetting your home or office building why don’t you contact  A2Z Maintenance so we may help keep your property in pristine condition.