In our line of business, Project Management covers the selection of the various sub-contractors, whom we consider to be the best in their specialty fields, those whom we have tried and tested over the years.

Project Management by A2Z Maintenance

A2z Maintenance offers the planning of the project to minimise down-time to achieve the fastest turnaround without jeopardising quality. Quality is of the utmost importance to ensure that our clients are happy. This does come at a small premium as there is a management fee added to the overall project costs.

The client could select and manage their own sub-contractors, but we believe the the client’s time is, in our opinion, usually far more expensive than the project management fee.

The fee as charged by us together with our many years of experience in the construction industry gives the client peace-of-mind, knowing that the project is adequately managed and their only involvement and liaison will be with the Project Manager.

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