There are a variety of different routes one can take to construct or renovate your home. How does one decide which is best for you? In the purchasing of materials, the layman will in many instances pay a lot more than the Project Manager who will have the know how as to which suppliers will give the best prices for the quality you desire.

Leave it to the experts to buy the goods, in the correct quantities and arrange the delivery according to the on-site needs. The Project Manager will organise everything leaving you to get on with your daily routine. There are not that many private individuals who can successfully run a build- or renovation project without stumbling along the way.

The Project Manager will also ensure that the right staff are employed for the various trades without taking chances. You will no doubt have heard of the man standing on the road-side with level in hand and when asked, will tell you he is a brick-layer, a plasterer, a tiler, a plumber, a roofing expert or an electrician.

He will convince you that he can build your dream home because he has built houses before. Never trust such an individual – take a Project Manager who can and will give you contactable references. It may cost you a bit more but you will have peace-of-mind.

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